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Benefits of Elder Home Share

There’s no better feedback about what we do for our senior community than hearing how well the companions get along with the homeowners. From experience, the companionship and support add a new layer of interaction in the home giving both the homeowner and their family great peace of mind. Saoirse, the founder of Elder Home Share, is a companion herself for Elizabeth, an 89 years old lady from Clontarf. She shares her experience with the current match:

“How long have you been a companion for Elizabeth?” - “I moved in with her in January of this year. Elizabeth had just come out of hospitable”

“How’s the match been going for both of you since then?” - “Elizabeth is a remarkable and glamorous woman and she always makes me feel good about myself, I feel very much at home in her house. I’ve introduced her to Netflix, which she enjoys, and we’ve been exploring nearly endless resources. We have a chat every evening after our dinner.”

“What did you do last weekend? Anything exciting?” - “Well, I’ve started making one of Elizabeth’s favorite dishes - stewed apple with a coconut and almond topping - It turned out delicious and we both enjoy it.”

“What’d be your general thoughts on being a companion and working on creating new matches and maintaining the current once at the same time?” - “I’m incredibly thankful for the fact that Elizabeth and I get along so well. To be completely honest, our system works in a way that minimizes the chances of having any kind of misunderstanding or such. It’s been working perfectly so far. For example, just last week I had a monthly follow-up with some of our matches and was very pleased to hear how one of them went for a swim in the sea together, and follow-up another match shared how they have been going out for dinner together. Isn’t it wonderful?”


Elder Home Share prides itself on providing prompt follow-up to customer questions via email or on the telephone. For the duration of the match, we are available to provide advice on issues that may arise. The reference check carried out by Elder Home Share gives insight into the character of the person who will be moving in. We send our feedback notes to the next of kin to read and with this, you can make a final decision on if the match can move in. Elder Home Share companions tend to be female working professionals aged between 24 and 44 from every corner of the world.

“One of the most appealing aspects of the approach taken by Saoirse was the focus on getting the 'right fit for both parties. A successful outcome for us”, says Angela Lambert, a daughter of a homeowner.

Elder Home Share is proving to be a very successful solution to a two-sided problem. It ensures safety at home for elderly homeowners and affordable accommodation for people who need a place to live and are willing to provide companionship and support in exchange.

If you are concerned about an elderly loved one living alone please visit our website Elder Home Share we would love to hear from you. Be sure to visit our home share reviews page to get an idea of potential matches for your loved one.


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