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Peace of mind, companionship and support at home for your loved one


A solution that allows older homeowners to continue to live at home with more independence and safety by matching them up with a home share companion. Home share companions provide security at night, companionship and help with practical tasks such as light housework and shopping in exchange for a place to live. Home share companions give 10 hours a week in companionship and support.

We provide and are here to ensure you find the best match for your loved one with our home share scheme! 


We have been successfully matching elderly homeowners and home share companions since January 2016. 

  • Free online consultation so you can ask lots of questions and decide if this is for you

  • Reference checking of the companion

  • Monthly check-in's to ensure the match is working well

  • A trial live in month to test out the home-sharing experience and see if it is the right fit 

Our Home Share Agreement has been reviewed by A&L Good Body Solicitors. To ensure that all parties involved are aware of the expectations.

Security, companionship and help around the house.

For the elderly person living alone and their concerned family, the home-sharing solution proves a rewarding way to provide support in the home. 

Home Owner

Home share companions provide support to the elderly person by:

  • A secure presence in the house at night for security and peace of mind

  • Spending quality time together during the evening time and over the weekend

  • Doing light housework such as hoovering, cleaning the kitchen and putting out the bins

  • Going to the shops for messages and running errands for the homeowner


Just keep in mind Elder Home Share is not a solution to personal care but can support, compliment and reduce the need for expensive care services.

We are proud to bring our Social Entrepreneurs Ireland awarded home share scheme to Northern Ireland.

How HomeShare Works

How HomeShare Works

Elder Home Share at Social Entrepreneurs Award 2018

Saoirse Sheridan 

Founder and CEO

Home Share Companion

Elder Home Share

Fumbally Exchange

Argus House, Blackpitts,

Merchants Quay, Dublin

Tel: 087 13 85 628

Social Entrepreneurs Award 2018

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