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Why We Love Elder Home Share

Happy Valentines everyone and especially to all our home share matches, this day can remind us how important companionship can be, especially for those living alone. This is where Elder Home Share takes the floor. We are proud to provide companions with someone living alone and a lovely new home too for the home share companion. Saoirse Elder Home Share Founder is currently home sharing and will be spending some of Valentine’s day with her great housemate who will be 90 this summer. Everyone needs a friend and we have formed lots of great friendships throughout our time.

One of the primary problems Elder Home Share helps to solve is security at night. Having a home-share companion, It is a true relief to know that there is someone to take care of your parents. A presence of a companion addresses issues of security and social contact.

"Having the support of Elder Home Share took a huge amount of stress and worry off our shoulders. One of the most appealing aspects of the approach taken by Saoirse was the focus on getting the 'right fit' for both parties. A successful outcome for us" says Angela Lambert.

It is a definite benefit to have a security presence at night without worrying about the cost of having a career or relying on family members to take turns in sleeping over. "It is a truly wonderful solution for families who want to see their loved ones stay safe at home without incurring exorbitant costs" adds Angela.

Important to mention the level of help when having someone take out the bins or pick up a few messages in the shop, or even when it comes to using a ladder when changing a light bulb. All of that and more give a homeowner a great deal of support around a house.

Apart from everything mentioned, it is also a cost-saving solution for both a homeowner and a companion. One gets peace of mind when another can easily budget expenses. It is truly amazing how home sharing brings up a win-win situation both from a cost and financial stress points. At the moment the first month is free for homeowners too!

If you are concerned about an elderly loved one living alone please visit our website Elder Home Share we would love to hear from you


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