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Life begins at Ninety - Success Stories!

Guess what! I've been getting loads of positive feedback from my customers and getting to hear some great stories on the home share front. So I wanted to share a few with you.

Couple dacing

In a new match out in Killiney, the home owner is (among other things) a ballroom dancer, who requested a creative type home share companion who likes to cycle and enjoys a sing song. This made me think that I would have a challenge on my hands to find such a person. To my delight she showed up very quickly and the two are getting on very well. She told me she had enjoyed an evening of ballroom dancing at a social dance with her eighty something year old home match - this I love to hear!

Another match out in Glenageary which has just started seems to be starting out on the right foot too, with the home owner (also in her eighties) and her homeshare companion taking a companionable strole down to Sandycove village on a crisp afternoon.

I myself have just been up to the dry cleaner's to pick up my elderly match's dry cleaning. He is off to a big party on the weekend and needed his shirt dry-cleaned. He is ninety six years of age! Oh, I also picked up a cauliflower for our dinner tomorrow evening.

I also have a new client who is bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and ninety two years young.. Her secret? Do the crossword every day, play cards and lot's of scrabble - it keeps the mind sharp.

It's lovely to be meeting so many people in their eighties and nineties. If I can give you three tips for longevity, it would be don't smoke, keep your mind active with hobbies like reading, writing, dancing and scrabble and stay as active as you can through social outlets.


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