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Hard work keeps us sharp ask a 95 year old!

As the Founder of Elderhomeshare, I am on the front line of meeting with lots of people in their 90's. This is giving me a clearer picture of how to age well and keep body and mind intact. At 90 something there is only so much you can do to keep the physical going but the mind is another matter. 'What's your secret' I asked a bright-eyed bushy-tailed 95-year-old lady I met earlier last week. 'Hard work and raising children she told me without a seconds hesitation. Hard work definitely seems to be a trait among my elderly clients, my own elderly housemate worked until he was 95 - a career spanning nearly 75 years.

95 year old woman

This fab fox still drives, goes shopping and meets her friends for lunch. She is also super stylish, I found myself looking down with distraction at her chic shoes during our consultation.

She knows she is slowing down and she is not so fond of being alone in the house at night anymore. A home share companion appeals to her as it will allow her to feel more secure and ward off nursing homes, something she really does not want for herself 'I would be so board'.

She is the first of my elderly ladies to request a male home share companion too.

Due to her busy social calendar over the summer months, she has asked me to keep her on my books and check back in this September. After a tour of her lovely house, I was sent on my way. It got me thinking if I reach 95 I hope I'm doing as well as her, shoes and all. Oh yes and I'll be getting a male home share companion too

Elderhomeshare matches up vetted tenants to live as home share companions with elderly homeowners, peace of mind is a total win-win!


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