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Security at Night | Benefits of Home Share

According to the there is a high chance of a fall among older generations. Mainly it happens due to problems with balance, vision loss, heart conditions among which is blood pressure being extremely dangerous and can cause loss of consciousness or dizziness.

Elder Home Share carries a mission of providing needed help around the house, as well as friendship, and, most importantly, security at night. The major worry of our clients is having a parent or a closed one fall when there is nobody in the house. It can be very dangerous and lead to serious life threatening consequences. Solution to that is having someone around, it can prevent these kinds of situations, provide security and peace of mind to the next of kin.

“My mother lives in her own home and we wanted to keep her there as securely and happily as possible. Now she is well settled with her new companion who brings a whole new dimension to Mam's daily life and the security of a presence in the home at night.” says Angela Lambert.

The process of finding that perfect homeshare match who will put your mind at ease and be the best company for your loved one is the main goal of Elder home Share. The founder of the company Saoirse is a homeshare companion herself which allows her to understand what it takes and meet the needs of a homeowner throughout the collaboration. She mentioned that she spent 3 birthdays with David, a homeowner, including his 100th birthday. It is truly amazing to see the development of the relationships and how much impact it makes when it comes to the safety of people’s lives.

Home Share match Elder Home Share

Here’s what our clients say about Elder Home Share service:

“It gave our family extra peace of mind especially during the night time for our 90 year old aunt.” (Mary F);

“Their dedicated and very professional service gave us peace of mind.” (Ronan O’Grady);

“My mum has a lovely companion living with her, and this has allowed mum to be safe and supported at home.” (Katie Holland).

All that creates a huge motivation to continue to help people by bringing homeowners a great deal of support around a house.

If you are concerned about an elderly loved one living alone please visit our website Elder Home Share we would love to hear from you. Be sure to visit our home share blog page to get an idea of potential matches for your loved one.


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