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Worried about an Elderly Parent Living Alone after a Fall?

If you are facing uncertainty about the continuance of your elderly parent’s independence at home – maybe due to a recent fall, failing health or just being alone in the house - Elderhomeshare may have a suitable solution that can fit in well with another aspect of care and support in your parent’s life.

Painting by Naomi Home share companion

In the last few months, I have been receiving an increasing number of calls from the children of elderly parents who are feeling a little overwhelmed and uncertain about what to do regarding their parent’s safety and security at home. The cost of live-in and overnight care is daunting and quite often not the right fit. A home share companion is someone who lives in the house with your parent, following our service’s vetting procedures. They are out at work or college during the day but come home at night and give an average of 8 hours a week of direct companionship and indirect help with things like putting out the bins and picking up a few messages in the shops. The homeowner receives extra company and support, allowing them to continue to live in their own home with greater independence and quality of life. For the companion, it’s an affordable alternative to expensive rental prices and it’s a valued new relationship too.

All companions are vetted and pay a monthly contribution to the homeowner of €150. To date, Elderhomeshare had done 37 matches. Most of our clients are in their 90’s, some have conditions like dementia, and all have a level of family support and the provision of one or more hours of professional care a day.

For elderly people who enjoy the company of other people, live alone and want to continue to live in their own home, Elderhomeshare can provide the perfect solution.

Naomi has been living as a home share companion for close to 6 months now. She crafted this wonderful painting and has much to say about her positive experience of living with her elderly home share companion:

“She is a lovely lady; I am always happy to come home to see her. She always welcomes me with a smile and we always share how our day went. She is a good companion for me as well!

I also really appreciate that I have a nice home to live in and have own my room.

It allows me to concentrate on my studies and it really helps financially.”

Naomi, home share companion

Student of Art, Dublin

If you are concerned about an elderly parent or friend living alone and would like to know more please visit our website Proven successful and cost-effective it’s a win-win!


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