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Why Elder Home Share makes perfect sense

This month Elder Home Share facilitated two new placements. The core reason families reach out to us to consider a home share solution for their elderly loved ones is for security at night and in case of a fall in the home. Three years into this service and as a home share companion myself, I am astutely aware of this concern. Having lived with David, who is now 99 and in a nursing home, I was there to assist him on three occasions when he fell at home. Only last week two of the families we were working with were not able to progress with setting up an Elder Home Share placement as their elderly loved one had a fall in the house and needed to be admitted to hospital.

With close to 60 placements to date, we are aware of how valuable it is to the homeowner and their family to know that there is a secure presence in the house at night, a company in the evenings and someone to help with practical odd jobs around the house. A home share for an elderly parent or loved one will reduce time alone in the home and give the homeowner more social interaction and support in their own home pushing out the need for paid care. Elder Home Share is not an alternative to professional care but a compliment to it. From a cost perspective, it makes total sense too and with all home share companions being reference checked, it’s a safe way to bring a new person into the home. For more info visit us at


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