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Solving The Loneliness Problem

It's estimated that, on average, those aged 80 plus spend 80 pc of their time in the home. Some studies have shown that older people who experience high levels of isolation are almost twice as likely to die within six years compared to those who feel engaged in relationships and the community.

Solving The Loneliness Problem

Rory 90 was living alone and his son was concerned for his safety and well-being. Elder Home Share, a service that connects families with an elderly loved one living alone with people seeking accommodation who provide companionship and support. Elder Home Share helped Rory find a match. We could not recommend the Elder Home Share scheme highly enough, our dad was delighted with his Elder Home Share companion, he described it as being the best thing that ever happened to him at a time when he was lonely and vulnerable.

Saoirse Sheridan, the Founder of Elder Home Share, is herself living in Monkstown with her very bright 90-year-old housemate.

The primary reason people reach out to us is for security at night for their loved one. A close second is for companionship, Noirin Sheahan reached out to Elder Home Share two years ago to find an Elder Home Share match for her mum. ‘Yvonne's presence made all the difference to mum's final years, especially while I was away or out for the evening. She always enjoyed Yvonne's homecoming in the evenings, when they would chat about their days, or the books they were reading or whatever was being reported in the news. It also let mum feel very safe at night, knowing Yvonne was there to help in case of any problem.

Saoirse says, as a home share companion myself to Eileen (90) I get to see first-hand how this solution is giving her a valuable level of support and companionship each day. it really makes a difference to have someone coming and going and have the company too.

As we emerge from a difficult few months where the loneliness issue has become particularly astute It’s good to see how a simple idea has proven to be a worthwhile solution and is solving not just the isolation issue but also the accommodation issue too.

Please reach out to learn more: Elder Home Share

Contact Saoirse Sheridan | Telephone 087 1385 628


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