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Safety & sharing with an elderly home owner.

Today the sun is spitting out of the sky hallelujah! My super elder home share housemate who is 96, has taken off with his adult children and grandchildren. I know for sure he will be having an ice cream cone and getting stuck into the Sunday Times. I'm at home and there is a friendly fox sunbathing in the back garden. It's not just me then, who has found shelter with my elderly match. The fox likes it here too and by the look of him, stretched out like a house cat in the back garden he feels safe, which got me thinking.

Safety and shraing with an eldery homeowner

Safety the big word with this service what if someone moves in and... So what am I doing to protect the homeowner and the tenant, from an unwanted outcome? I'm doing a background check on the tenant and securing solid references and calling them all and putting some clear house rules in place. Along with this, I check in to see how the home-sharing is working out, so far so good.

Safety really depends on the people in the relationship so sourcing the right tenants and homeowners too, is key to success. You can't control life but common sense, vigilance, good practice and a healthy measure of trust goes a long way.

As the Founder of Elderhomeshare and a home share tenant myself, I am looking at my own service from a number of perspectives. This gives me a level of insight that has enhanced my service delivery and shown me what a win-win elderhomeshare can be.

Now its time to go cut the grass one of my tasks as a elderhomeshare tenant :)


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