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New Year’s resolutions at 96

Have you ever think about next year? And what if you are at 96 plaining your new year's resolutions? Yesterday a pal joined me and my elderly housemate for dinner, she bought a whole new dynamic to the evening ritual – it was great! The conversation at the dinner table was different and she made observations about things in the kitchen that I would never notice. As a county girl I notice she had a bond with my housemate that I don’t have, they used words and expressions I’m not familiar with. She was also able to talk with him about Rugby, something I consistently fail at and something he loves to discuss.

While I was busy prepping up the dinners, Martina kept the conversation flowing with twinkly eyes “have you any new year’s resolutions?” she asked, my ears popped up. Twinkly eyes responded that he no longer made them. Martina added had he resolved them all ”not sure about that” he had said with a smile.

New Year's Eve

It got me thinking about my own new year’s resolutions and also about the year that has passed and some of the matches I have set up, along with the great feedback I have received. “I don’t know how you did it but she is perfect”, “This is my lucky home, I am so happy”, “She is a treasure” - it’s not every day we get to hear such words of praise and positivity. I’m glad to have been on the receiving end of these lovely comments about Elderhomeshare and the benefits it has bought into people’s lives. Especially the elderly in regards to having the companionship and support at home from their home share companion. I’m not sure if I’ll be making any new year’s resolutions this year either but I’ll be going out this evening and guess what twinkly eyes are going out to, I just escorted him to his neighbour's house for a party!

Happy New Year from Elderhomeshare and to everyone who has been reading my blogs and been supportive throughout the year.

For more information about securing a home share companion for an elderly relation or friend please contact Saoirse Sheridan security and companionship at home for independent living, it’s a win-win!


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