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Want to know more about your target customer?

My housemate is 96, and he is also my target customer for my business Elderhomeshare, which matches up friendly responsibly tenants to live with elderly homeowners. I too am a target customer - as you can imagine the learning is direct and invaluable. Living with my target customer gives me up to date insight on the day to day operations, general wants and needs of the elderly and insight into the kind of tenants that you want in the mix.

Someone with foresight who can preempt what the older person might need and is willing to spend quality time with the senior. Reasonable older homeowners who give thanks for a job well done and are not too controlling. #homeshare #elderycare #elderysupport #homesharescheme #elderhomeshare #homecarecompanionsdublin

My barometer for knowing if a match is working going forward with new clients will be 'Are you happy?' (customer satisfaction). A simple question with a simple answer.

As a very happy Elderhomeshare tenant, with the thumbs up in the happiness department from my housemate who is 96 (Love it...). I can conclude, for now at least, this is the best way to know if a match is working and take the necessary steps if it is not working. It's exciting and challenging to be starting out in a new business, and as someone who 'had the problem' of finding suitable accommodation in Dublin at the right price, I know this customer pain. I don't think I could have found a better way to learn more about my business than using the service directly myself and I lucked out with my Elderhomeshare match too. Saoirse Sheridan is the Founder of Elderhomeshare last week she pitched a Social Entrepreneurs Ireland boot camp. For more information, please visit the website or call directly 087 13 85 628.

Saiorse Sheridan at Social Entrepreneurs Ireland

Cross-generational living company and support at home for elderly homeowners affordable accommodation for tenants win-win!


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