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Mabel Thew, intern day with Elder Home Share

Mabel Thewis tells us about her day as a intern with Elder Home Share and her Transition Year student. "I was lucky enough to have a day of work experience working with Saoirse Sheridan, the founder of Elder Home Share. This was a great experience for me as I had heard about the organisation before and I was excited to learn more and get involved. Elder Home Share is a home shared service. It matches elderly people who live on their own, with another person who could be looking for accommodation. It creates good companionship and gives a sense of security.

I think this is a great organisation as it is an affordable lifestyle and creates a new friendship between two people."

I came in to meet Saoirse at 11 am and we got to work straight away! She explained to me what Elder Home Share was all about and how it worked. My first job was to help her to organise her receipts from January and February and put the accounts on to the computer. I learned that in every creative, fun job, there are mundane tasks that need to be done as well, to make sure that the business is successful. Once I finished that, we looked at the website that Saoirse had created using ‘Wix’. I was very impressed because she didn’t have much experience but it looked very professional and well put together! Then she showed me the new website that she was making with a team of people. I thought this one was very good as well. We also looked at the new brochure that they were designing. She pointed out some of the changes she would like to make to it and emailed her feedback to them but overall, it was really good and looked great!

Once we had finished that, we went downstairs to eat lunch and play a game called ‘Dungeons and Dragons’ with other people in the office. This was great fun and I really enjoyed it. After, we came back upstairs and got back to work. Saoirse showed me a website called ‘Survey Monkey’. This is a way that she can get feedback from the matches made by using a survey. We also checked the email for a reply from the team working on the brochure. At around 3:30 pm, we went out to get a hot chocolate and some coffee. This was a great way to go over what we had done today and I had a chance to talk about what I had learned and my thoughts on the experience. Overall, I really enjoyed the day and I think I benefited from it because I saw how much work goes into making a successful business and how it is run!


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