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Home Alone & Missing My Elderly Housemate

It is the long weekend, and my housemate who is 96 has gone away, leaving me to man the fort mm. So now I am the one with the lonely blues in my nice big house (his house). Loneliness is not an age thing, but it can become more challenging to be social when you are elderly. This week I met with a new client who is 80 she lost her husband a few months ago. As you can imagine, the pain of the loss is overwhelming and persistent. I am glad to say I am working on placing a suitable match with this intelligent lady. She knows that being 'Home Alone' is not for her and she is taking action to address her situation.

I miss my elderhomeshare housemate; it's reassuring to come home in the evenings and have those run of the mill chats, how was your day? What did you do? I heard this on the news. We all need our social outlets and sharing a home keeps us on our toes and more engaged. #homeshare #elderycare #elderysupport #homesharescheme #elderhomeshare #homecarecompanionsdublin

As the Founder of Elderhomeshare and an Elderhomeshare tenant myself, I am experiencing the very human-driven need for regular social contact. I know, I am just as vulnerable to this need, and that is good to regularly reflect on and address. I was just reading online that robots are on the way in regards to the care of the elderly. I can see robots having a part to play, just as we use a dishwasher to clean the dishes; we could use a robot to help with dressing, picking up items or as an r2d2 type PA reminding the elder of a doctors appointment. I'd be surprised if we are going to find social fulfillment in our relations with our R2dt robot friends, but who knows we might. For now, It's good to acknowledge and see the value in those regular conversations over dinner, talking about the past, the feature, and the price of marmalade in Lidl. It all adds up to a feeling of relaxation and happiness. If r2d2 does move in I may get attached to him myself, I can see myself making a spot for him beside the Hoover as he may need a bit of 'time out with a non human. Elderhomehare sources and vets kind friendly tenants to live with senior and elderly homeowners creating a win-win, company and support at home for the elderly and affordable cross-generational living for tenants.


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