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Elder Home Share, a Happy New Match!

Last week I called over to sign off on a home-share agreement, Maria a warm-hearted professional lady from Mexico was moving in with Catherine a playful and mischievous looking 92-year-old.

They really do look like a good home share match, and natural warmth and cheer radiates from them both. They mirror each other quite nicely too, both are petite and pretty - two peas in a pod. I felt a little tear well up in my eye as went through and signed off on the paperwork over cups of tea in the cosy front living room. Catherine who is a social lady and has a big loving family decided to go with Elderhomeshare as the idea of having someone in the house at night, having a chat over tea in the evening appealed to her. Maria who has home shared before in France enjoys the company of elderly people and likes the quiet life too.

It's taken a while to put this match together and when I left the house I felt quietly confident and very happy that we had a winner of a home share match on our hands.

As Maria is from Mexico and Catherine is from Ireland I was curious to know if Catherine had lived with or gotten to know a Mexican lady before. 'I have not' she said, at this point, Trump managed to find his way into our conversation.

It's great to be building bridges between two sets of people from very different generations and parts of the world. Two people who would have never have crossed paths and are now tucked up together sharing resources, finding friendship and making life a little easier and hopefully more fun too.

I wonder what Trump would have to tweet about that, Elderhomeshare peace of mind for the elderly at home it's a total win-win!

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