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A Happy Match for Mary 91 & PhD Student Lucy Liu

Mary and Lucy Liu

Hello everyone! This is Lucy Liu, a Chinese PhD student who lives with Mary (91) and her daughter ( whose name is also Mary) for the past month. It has been an amazing experience to live in a local family and it feels like I am already a member of the FAMILY. I'm very glad to say, this was a happy Match for Mary 91 & a PhD Student. We have dinners together some times a week and we often have a nice talk to each other in the evening. I will be happy to share with Mary and her daughter about what is going on in my school and they will also be glad to tell me about their day. The feeling is like chatting with your mom about your school day, relaxing and cosy.

For me, I clean the house once a week, mopping the kitchen floor and the bathroom as well as vacuum the house. It is not a big thing at all given that we already keep the house clean and tidy every day. It is a natural thing to keep your house clean no matter where you are, isn't it? The two Mary's are very considerate and we all live in harmony.

There are some reasons for me to choose this type of home-stay in the very beginning: first, the rent is low. Given the ever-rising price of house rent in Dublin, it would be nice to spend little money on housing and save the rest of your money for travelling and nice food, isn't it? Second, it is totally safe! The senior citizens are the safest group to share a home with and they are more caring and more considerate than others. Last but not least, our English will be improving and we will experience the local culture. So, it is definitely a win-win situation. I am enjoying my worry-free life in Dublin thanks to this amazing arrangement by Elderhomeshare, and spending time and helping out my Elderly housemate.


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