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Happy Home Share Match Limerick

Saoirse Sheridan founder of Elder Home Share sat down with Jennifer and Kathleen who are a home share match in Limerick via WhatsApp video call to discuss how the match is going. The next of kin Marian heard about us from Sage Advocacy, reached out to Elder Home Share to hear about our service. Jennifer (Home Share Companion) set up the video call for herself and Kathleen (Home Owner), they sat in the kitchen together to chat with Saoirse. Saoirse said it was so nice to see them laughing and enjoying each others company so much. Saoirse began by asking Kathleen how she felt when Jennifer moved in. “I didn’t mind, I was not nervous at all. I just hoped we would get along and we have been getting on great. I am happy to have her in the house as I have not been out so much yet since returning from hospital. I feel safer having someone else here!”

Jennifer then jumped in to tell us a little bit about how things have been going for her so far. “She has her own mind... We watch tv, laugh together, watch comedies and the news, and we have a cup of tea and a slice of cake. This has helped me save on rent and focus on my college work. I have met Kathleen’s friends too, being around older adults is a good influence on me. I thought the idea was great, I grew up with my gran, so this idea felt comfortable for me. Even though I have left Nigeria, I still keep in touch and maintain a relationship with my gran. Everyone at some point needs some support.”

Jennifer and Kathleen Limerick Home Share Matcha

She then went on to discuss her relationship with Marian the next of kin a little also."Marian, I love her. She is such a nice person and has been supportive. She calls in every week to see how we are doing and if we need anything as we are a little bit out in the countryside.”Kathleen then talked a little about how happy she is to be back in her own home again. “I am glad to be home, I worked in a kitchen for years and I am retired now. Working was the happiest days of my life.”

It was great to see that even at such an early stage of the match the bond these two have developed, so much so that Jennifer and Kathleen celebrated Kathleen's birthday together and with her family. “When I found out it was Kathleen's birthday, I sang her a birthday song, her niece came with her kids, and we had cake. I could not stay for the whole party as I had an exam that day – The birthday cake was a cream cake with ice cream on top and fruit!”

Throughout Saoirse said you could really see the “craic” the pair have as they were laughing a-lot, enjoying each others company. Jennifer said “The first day she asked me ‘Jennifer, I hope you don’t sleep walk’ - I don’t” Jennifer then highlighted Kathleen's love for chocolate. We had sent them some butlers chocolates to enjoy as a thank you for sharing the great image and their heartwarming stories which they were tucking into at the table. Kathleen went on to say as they were laughing “We don’t know who the boss is yet but we will find out soon”

We also wish you all the best with your match and welcome to the Elder Home Share family Jennifer and Kathleen!


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