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Helloo Elder Home Share Ambassadors 👋🏼

Here at Elder Home Share we know how important it is to homeowners and the next of kin to feel secure in moving forward with our service. We understand it is a big step for families. Therefore we have implemented the option to arrange a visit from an Elder Home Share Ambassador.

What is a Home Share Ambassador?

It is someone who is or has already been a home share companion. They understand the responsibilities that come with home sharing. They are there to answer every and any question you may have before making a decision. They will share their stories of home-sharing to help you understand what it’s like for both the homeowner and companion.

Home Share Owner

Meet Shannon & Xian Xian, Elder Home Share Ambassadors…

Shannon is a Geology postgraduate at Trinity College Dublin and has been home sharing since March 2020.

Here is what Shannon has to say about being a Home Share Ambassador, "With my presence providing peace of mind it has allowed me to both focus more intently on my work and develop a valued friendship I never would have experienced otherwise. As a companion, I enjoy the conversations we share over meals and card games, and I enjoy learning more about her life.. I would be happy to discuss the arrangement with your family and answer any questions you might have."

Xian Xian has a PHD in Electrical Engineering at The University of Birmingham and is currently a senior power system researcher at UCD. She has been Homesharing since November 2020.

Xian Xian said this about Elder Home Share and being a Home Share Ambassador, "I think that the Elder Home Share programme is a win-win opportunity for both the companion and home owner. I see that they can obtain security and convenient benefits, and meanwhile don't lose their original lifestyle and privacy, since companions are young, sensible and adaptable. Being a companion, I gain economical and sociable benefits from a homeowner side as well. I would be delighted to meet with your family to share on how Elder Home Share works and answer your questions!"

We are so grateful for our Elder Home Share Ambassadors who have stepped up and agreed to make this possible. We hope this will really enhance our families experience with our services. Saoirse Sheridan, Founder of Elder Home Share says, “I think this is a great ice breaker and very reassuring to homeowners to have the face to face and really get comfortable with the whole idea.”

Reach out to us to find and more and for a free consultation Elder Home Share.


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