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5 Star Homeshare Experience

Elder Home Share wants to wish a very happy Christmas to all our clients and matches. We have pulled up some memorable testimonials to share with you all and say thank you for the kind words and continued loyalty to Elder Home Share.

Charles secured a match for his mum and her little dog in 2019 he says, “My Mum has been supported by a companion for the last year through Elder Home Share and it has allowed her to stay at home and been a great support to her. The companion has been supportive in so many ways and has gone beyond her brief. So we as a family have appreciated it enormously. Elder Home Share has been professional and supportive throughout the year and I would highly recommend them where an elder is fairly independent but is looking for security, safety and companionship.” - Charles Jackson (next of kin)

Charles has a new match now living with his mum for the past few months. We wish his mum and her new home share companion, continued happy elder home-sharing together.

Merry Christmas Elder Home Share

Nessa, whose mum lives in Kilkenny got in touch a few months ago having heard about Elder Home share.

“We have overall had a very positive experience with Elder Home Share. We had never used a service like this before but they walked us through every step along the way with patience and understanding. They always had time for a call on any queries we needed answering or information we requested. I really can't recommend them highly enough to provide peace of mind to the family of a loved one.” - Nessa Mahony (next of kin)

Aoife who is a teacher was looking for a place to live and found us by chance with a campaign we were running online.

“What a great service that really solves two problems with the one solution - elderly people who live alone who need support and might be lonely, and also an affordable housing solution for many of us who just could not afford to rent in Dublin otherwise. The owner of this organisation is professional, kind and just a phone call away. This agreement has brought me more joy than I could have imagined. Thank you Saoirse.” - Aoife Lynn Anne Donnan (companion)

Nikki and her family became very close to the home share companion. They really appreciated her especially during the lockdown, as Nikki's mum and the companion cocooned together for a couple of months.

“My family contacted Saoirse (Elder Home Share) to see if we could find someone suitable to live with my mum and we had a positive experience from the very beginning. Saoirse responded to all queries promptly, her answers were informative and honest and her friendly manner made the process easy for us. Our family felt that we were provided with all the knowledge we required to make important decisions for our mum. We were lucky to find the most wonderful lady who was a perfect match for my mum and whose support and kindness has been invaluable over this past, difficult year. We would highly recommend Elder Home Share on all levels.” - Nikki Good (next of kin)

We hope you enjoyed reading all of these heartwarming testimonials and sending you all Christmas greetings from all of us at Elder Home Share.

If you are concerned about an elderly loved one living alone or would like to be a home share companion please reach out to us to find out more Elder Home Share it's a win-win!


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