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New Year Great New Home Share Match

A few days ago I started a new match as a home share companion. As the Founder of Elder Home Share I have been home-sharing myself for more than 5 years. Each new match brings new experiences and learnings too.

I did not meet Elizabeth, the lady I am with now, until day one of the match. She was returning home from respite and was not able to have visitors due to pandemic restrictions so we did not get to meet. Nonetheless, when her daughter reached out to Elder Home Share a few weeks ago, considering finding a companion to live in with her mum, she decided I would be an ideal match when I let her know I was looking for a new match myself. It was encouraging for me personally as it once again proved that distance and remote communication is not a barrier when it comes to trust and reliability when finding the right person for your loved ones. I am happy to report that Elizabeth and I are getting on very well. She is also very generous in giving me all sorts of compliments which has given my a real self-esteem boost. Especially I love our evenings when we get to share a cup of tea and chat about what’s going on in the world. It warmed my heart when she let me know that my presence was very reassuring. We both have our own space within her home and she does not feel intruded upon which she very much appreciates.

Benefits of Home Share match

The benefits of Elder Home Share are truly multifaceted. Having the backup support of a home share companion in the house proved to be invaluable for elderly people living alone. From simple things like putting out the bins, picking up a few messages in a shop, and hoovering the stairs to having an overnight presence at home and someone to have friendly company at night, Elder Home Share is proving to be a very successful solution to a two-sided problem. It ensures safety at home for elderly homeowners and affordable accommodation for people who need a place to live and are willing to provide companionship and support in exchange.

Elder Home Share was Founded in 2015 By Saoirse Sheridan a Social Entrepreneurs Ireland Awards, she came up with the idea when she was given notice to move out of her rented accommodation. Fond and loving memories of her own grandmother planted the seed for the idea and Elder Home Share came to life.

New to Northern Ireland, if you are concerned about an elderly loved one living alone please reach out to find out more. We would love to hear from you . Review our fees here.


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