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Unblocking Bed Blocking One at a Time!

Vera 90 went into hospital a few weeks ago with a shoulder injury. While in hospital she caught the Covid-19 virus. Having made a full recovery she was keen to get home but as she was living alone her daughter was concerned about her being in the house on her own at night. Now Vera is at home with the support of Elder Home Share companion for security at night.

Unblocking Bed Blocking One

A number of patients, who are medically fit and are occupying hospital beds but cannot be discharged because of a lack of step-down care, are left with no option but to stay in hospital and occupy scarce beds. As of summer 2019, a concerning number of 769 beds were being ‘blocked’ in Irish hospitals. Now that hospitals are busier than ever, we can only imagine what the situation may be currently in our hospitals.

Helen, who secured a match for her mum Vera says “now that mum is at home I can really see and understand how frightening and lonely it was for her to be in hospital during the pandemic and how not having family visits was impacting her well being.”

Thankfully, Elder Home Share provides a solution to this problem. This is a service that connects families with an elderly loved one living alone, with people seeking accommodation who provide companionship and support in exchange for a place to live. Elder Home Share has been in operation since 2016.

Saoirse Sheridan, the Founder, came up with the idea when she was given the notice to move out of her rented accommodation. A Social Entrepreneurs Ireland awardee, she has home shared herself for three years plus.

Post Pandemic we are seeing an increase in inquiries with families reaching out to us with the goal of keeping a loved one at home with the security of knowing there is someone in the house at night. It can be a little daunting to navigate the current situation with the virus still a threat, but for some families, it is really key to have a presence in the house at night. Elder Home Share can provide you and your loved one with peace of mind and someone your elder can chat to, eat with and have a cuppa with!

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