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Remembering David Bell

Elder Home Share extend their deepest sympathies to the family and friends of David Bell. We are so sorry to hear of his passing and will remember him fondly. Saoirse our founder, had a special relationship with David Bell and considered him a “rock”. The home shared together when Elder Home Share was just starting out and this match is what gave Saoirse the important experience of what it is like to be a home share companion.

Saoirse’s last time seeing David was on his 100th birthday, she tried to visit again but unfortunately, COVID19 struck. She remembers those 2 years they lived together and looks back on them fondly. They would celebrate birthdays together in his home, “I remember the funny chats at the kitchen table; One day I told him I'm doing some online dating and he said “painting?”, we went back and forth with me raising my voice each time, but he eventually got it when I wrote the word down and both laughed out loud."

David Bell and Elder Home Share founder Saoirse Sheridan

Saoirse felt that David was “a kindred spirit" and describes him as someone who “demonstrated a passion and will for life”. ‘In the whole 2 years of them living together they only had one argument which resulted in them both apologising, pretty good going for living with someone for so long. "the first time I met him I felt instantly at ease and literally moved in the next day". Saoirse and David had been keeping in touch since living together over the phone, sending Easter eggs, Christmas presents, cards. He was such an icon and an important part of the Elder Home Share family and will never be forgotten. Thank you David Bell for gracing us with your wonderful presence and for taking Elder Home Share where we are today.


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