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Navigate Level 5 with Elder Home Share

Feelings of isolation and loneliness have been heightened due to covid, especially amongst elderly people living alone. Alone Ireland has concluded that 55% of their callers struggling with isolation during the lockdown was over 70 and cocooning alone. It's great to see how Elder Home Share matches have been able to navigate through level 5 time together. Our matches at Elder Home Share help beat the lockdown loneliness for our elderly.

Navigating Level 5 with Elder Home Share

Some of our adorable homeshare matches have been cocooning with each other through both the lockdowns this year. One match, in particular, has proven to be a source of inspiration and humour to everyone with their unique relationship and capacity to manage a difficult time with some good old fashioned laughter. Click here for a peek into the life of this delightful duo. It'll really make you laugh!

It’s definitely been a difficult year for families in the decision making around sourcing a match for an elderly loved one. But the feedback from families, homeowners and companions has been positive in regards to having a match in place during the past months. The most recent feedback from a family was wonderful to hear!. “Mum loves her new companion. She’s delighted having her around the house and feels very well cared for.”

Elder Home Share, is a service that connects families with an elderly loved one living alone with people seeking accommodation who provide companionship and support in exchange for a place to live. Founder and CEO Saoirse Sheridan is the originator of the idea and has been working directly with clients on a daily basis for 5 years and has home shared herself for more than 3 years. Reach out to us to learn more!


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