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Recently we have received a request from a new homeowner joining us, Frank from Dublin. Frank’s daughter reached out to us seeking a home-sharer, with one very specific skill… They need to have a passion for playing the piano! Frank has a beautiful grand piano in his home catching dust and would be ecstatic if his new roommate could play him a few tunes throughout their stay. If you are someone seeking accommodation and would like to be Frank’s new “Piano Man”, please do get in touch! (Frank's beautiful grand piano below.)

So far on our pianist hunt we have reached out to music colleges in Dublin and have been offered a trumpet player! Just a tad different to the sweet sounding piano… However we push forward and continue on our search.

Elder Home Share is a service which connects families with an elderly loved one living alone, with people seeking accommodation who provide a live-in companion for the elderly and support in exchange for a place to live. The primary reason people reach out to us is for security at night for their loved one. A close second is for companionship, like Frank looking for a companion to brighten his days by adding a little tune to it.

One of our home sharers said that “her presence provides all of us with a reassurance that would otherwise not be possible. Our dad is enjoying the company and help of his companion and we, his family, are very appreciative of being able to rely on her too.” This is something we hope to achieve for Frank and his family also.

Music is proven to boost mood and lessen anxiety. We can see and understand why Frank very much wants to bring his home back to life with the magic of music and we are doing our best to make this happen. Once we do we will keep you all up to date, so make sure to look out for updates on our blog weekly!

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of Elder Home Share for an elderly loved one please reach out to us at Elder Home Share.

Contact Saoirse Sheridan

Telephone 087 1385 628



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