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Home Share Combats Pandemic Isolation!

Have you heard about Home Share Combats Pandemic Isolation? Loneliness has increased in people over 70 during these isolating and unusual times in our lives. The COVID-19 pandemic has had an effect on many, in particular our elderly. According to the Irish Longitudinal’s, study on ageing and the charity ALONE, there has been an escalation in older people’s mental health, developing stronger feelings of anxiety, loneliness and isolation.

Elder Home Share, a service that connects families with an elderly loved one living alone with people seeking accommodation who provide companionship and support in exchange for a place to live. Saoirse Sheridan, the Founder of Elder Home Share has been working with matches throughout the pandemic and the feedback from families who have availed of a home share companion during the pandemic has been positive as the homeowner would otherwise have been very isolated.

Feelings of isolation and loneliness are proven to be heightened due to covid currently, especially amongst the elderly population. Alone Ireland has concluded that 55% of their callers struggling with isolation during the lockdown were over 70’s, cocooning alone. These numbers show that our elderly population are finding these times very difficult and it is taking a massive toll on their mental health. This disruption to the lives of our elderly loved ones is quite distressing.

Home Share Combats Pandemic Isolation

Saoirse says, we had a one month check in with a client last week. She said her gran is very happy with a home share companion and the family are equally delighted. “It’s so reassuring having a home share companion staying with gran. she is like a younger woman we can’t get over it, we are delighted to have the companion in the house.”

At a time like this Elder Home Share is serving our older homeowners most of who are in their 80’s and 90’s and who would otherwise be living alone and potentially feeling very lonely and isolated. It’s good to see how a simple idea has proven to be a worthwhile solution especially at this time when many older people are more isolated anion to support their independence in their own home please reach out to learn more:


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