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Elderhomeshare October 2016

ElderHomeshare newsletter

I’m writing this piece from the second floor of a shared home in Ranelagh, so close to the city centre and Trinity college that I really have no excuse for missing that 9 AM Psychology lecture this morning. I owe a lot to Elderhomeshare, who’ve not only afforded me the opportunity to study so far from home but have given me a truly unique and enriching opportunity in becoming a companion this year with an elderly gentleman.

On that note, I’m here to bring you all the news you need to know about us this October. Elderhomeshare has been invited to be an exhibitor at the forthcoming National Co-Design Symposium on "Housing for Older People – Thinking Ahead," an all-day event which will take place on Wednesday, 12th October, in Royal Hospital Kilmainham. The topics addressed at the symposium are pressing and vitally important to everyone here.

ELderhomeshare will also be speaking at The National Reuse Month Expo on the 25th of October. This will be taking place between noon and 3 pm at the Civic Office’s Atrium, Wood Quay, where you can expect all things sustainable and reusable. Perfect for those with an aversion to polystyrene cups.

We’ve also just had our most productive month on record! In September, Elderhomeshare matched eight clients total, just in time for the wonderfully regular rain and gale-force winds. Another match is currently in process, and we’re hoping to continue the upward trend. To that end, don’t be a stranger if you’re interested in getting involved.

Check back next month for more updates. Until then, I’ll be between Ranelagh and Trinity College, having many far too deep conversations with my worldly companion, cutting up the wind-felled trees for the fire and making apple pies, apple jelly and apple everything in between. This all bears responsibility and work, and at times it can be difficult to balance college life with my life as a home share. However, it is rewarding, never dull and incredibly economical; A saving grace as a college student.

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