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Elder Home Share on Ireland AM

2 years ago our founder Saoirse Sheridan and her homeshare companion David (101), took to our TV screens and spoke on Ireland AM about the benefits of home sharing. Saoirse had lived with David for 2 years and experienced everything that comes with home sharing. Saoirse still regularly chats with David over the phone from his nursing home, just last week he had visitors over for the first time in a year as he is now fully vaccinated!

Saoirse recalls the excitement of the pair going on Ireland AM, they were up at 7am and David got suited and booted. At the time David was 99 and ready for the adventure. Saoirse will never forget the experience she got to share with David and it is something David also remembers fondly now.

David and Saoirse Sheridan on Ireland AM

David was one of Elder Home Shares first clients. It is so heartwarming to see the bond formed between home-owner and home share companion over their time home sharing. Saoirse also mentions that she had spent 3 birthdays with David including his big 100th birthday. It's really lovely to see the relationships developed through the Elder Home Share service and how much of an impact it makes on people's lives.

Elder Home Share provides practical help around the home, security at night and a life-long friendship. One major worry of our clients is having a parent fall when no one is around, which can be very dangerous. Having someone there to intervene in these types of circumstances can provide so much peace of mind to the next of kin. Also, especially during the pandemic, elderly who live alone were isolated more than ever. Here at Elder Home Share our matches were so grateful to have each other to chat to everyday and do stuff around the home together.

Concerned about an elderly loved one living at home alone? Contact us today at Elder Home Share


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