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Desperately seeking Rita – New Home Share match for Elder Home Share Founder

Yesterday I started a new home share match in Dublin 8 with Rita who is 90. I am delighted to be sharing with her and back in a part of Dublin I have lived in before, it feels like I am coming full circle. It is also very exciting to be bringing Elder Home Share to Northern Ireland.

Rita was born in her home and wants to continue to live there, for her niece who reached out to me the security of knowing there is someone in the house at night is very reassuring. I am happy to be home sharing again and look forward to providing Rita with the supportive backup she needs to continue to live at home with greater independence and security at night.

Desperately seeking Rita

This is my fourth home share match since Founding Elder Home Share in 2015. Living and providing the Elder Home Share experience is a winning combination for really understanding what home sharing is all about. It has very much helped me when working with families who have reached out to me to set up a match for an elderly loved one who is living alone.

Having spent three months working remotely from France and Portugal for the last leg of the lockdown. I arrived back in Ireland open to matching up with a homeowner again and thankfully the stars aligned for me with Rita. The idea for Elder Home Share was motivated when I was given the notice to move out of my rented accommodation in Kilmainham a number of years ago. As I had grown up with my own granny in the house the idea for Elder Home Share started to take shape in my mind when I found myself needing a new place to live I was shocked by the cost of rental accommodation in Dublin. Again in 2021 I still find the cost of rental accommodation exceptionally high and am delighted to be Elder Home Sharing again. If you are concerned about an elderly loved one living alone in Norther Ireland, reach out today to find out more:


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