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🎈101st Lockdown Birthday | Covid-19 🎈

Today my good friend David Bell turns 101, he was born in 1920 when the Spanish Flu was making its way through Europe. Now at the ripe age of 101st, he is witnessing Covid-19 and says his top priority is to stay safe until he gets the vaccine!

David will celebrate his birthday today in his lovely nursing home. I have no doubt, even with all the restrictions they will find a way to make him feel special. As the Founder of Elder Home Share, I lived with David for two years as his home share companion and spent his last three Birthdays with him. However. this year, I will not see him for his Birthday. David is one of Elder Home Share's first clients and I very much enjoyed my time living in his home.

David Bell turns 101 on lockdown

The picture above and in the centre is of David and myself celebrating his 98th birthday. Alongside some of our other happy Elder Home Share matches.

Last year when David turned 100 I went to his party in the Radisson Hotel, there must have been at least if not more than 100 people there to celebrate his birthday with him. This year David won't get to have much of a party during his lockdown birthday, although he said that he will still get dressed up for the occasion, even though there's nowhere to go! That's the spirit, David. A huge happy birthday from all of us here at Elder Home Share.

If you're concerned about an elderly loved one living home alone, reach out to us today to find out more. Companions are COVID tested prior to moving in.


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