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Our experience has been a very positive one. Her presence provides all of us with a reassurance that would otherwise not be possible. Our dad is enjoying the company and help of his companion and we, his family, are very appreciative of being able to rely on her too.

We would highly recommend Elderhomeshare to anybody who is looking for a safe and well-researched match for their more vulnerable loved ones.

I just want to thank Elder Home Share for their wonderful help in finding a companion and setting up the companionship for my aunt. Their dedicated and very professional service gave us peace of mind. Saoirse has always acted very professionally and has made herself available to us throughout the process and has listened and respected us at every step, all the time. I would highly recommend this companion service to other families with elderly relatives. Thank you again.

"I would certainly recommend Elder Home Share's service. As customers, my mum has a lovely companion living with her, and this has allowed mum to be safe and supported at home. The companion brings great life to the house, and we trust her completely. Any communication I have had with Elder Home Share has been really supportive and super helpful. My family and I are delighted we found this great service."

Elder home share is a great opportunity and a win-win for the home share companion and the elder sharing the home. I had a great experience dealing with Saoirse who was very kind throughout the process with me. It's a great opportunity and I am very satisfied with the service and experience overall.

Amazing service from start to finish. A brilliant initiative for those looking for an affordable and effective care solution for their families, and an equally impressive opportunity for responsible, caring adults to find an affordable housing option and make a deep connection with a wonderful new housemate.

Having searched in vain for many weeks to find affordable care for my 95yr old mother, I came across Elder Home Share on an internet search. This immediately rang a bell as I had seen a reference to home share on RTE a couple of years earlier.So, on following up I began to make enquiries, feeling rather apprehensive at first. However, the apprehension soon dissipated as Saoirse, who runs the business, could not have been more helpful and attentive throughout the whole registration and procurement of a suitable companion. Her attentiveness didn't stop there. She followed up on a regular basis both with me and the companion separately, ensuring that we were both happy with our arrangement.Unfortunately, my mother has since passed, but the companion has become a true friend of my family and is still living with us.I would have no hesitation in recommending Elder Home Share to anyone who would benefit from companionship in their twilight years and cannot afford the extortionate cost of nursing home care.All companions are hand-picked by Saoirse to suit each elder person needs and Garda vetted. The companion also benefits by having accommodation at a reasonable cost, so, its a win-win situation.

"My experience has been very positive. Thanks Elder Home Share for giving me the opportunity to meet Maeve and her family."

Elder Home Share at Social Entrepreneurs Award 2018

Saoirse Sheridan 

Founder and CEO

Home Share Companion

Elder Home Share

Fumbally Exchange

Argus House, Blackpitts,

Merchants Quay, Dublin

Tel: 087 13 85 628

Social Entrepreneurs Award 2018

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