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To provide a thorough vetting process and protect our older homeowners, Garda vetting is available at the request of the homeowner.  Garda Vetting is the process by which the Garda disclose details regarding prosecutions and convictions against an individual, with their consent, to a prospective employer or organisation such as Elder Home Share. Garda Vetted can take 3 to 6 weeks for an organisation to obtain Garda Vetting on an individual.The correct procedure for obtaining Garda Vetting is to receive the relevant forms from the organisation. Once you have completed the forms, we will begin the process by sending the forms to the Garda Central Vetting Unit. If you have volunteered or worked overseas, the organisation may seek information about your time spent abroad. The organisation will be able to inform you of their specific requirements.

For more information on Garda vetting, please visit the Garda website.


Home share companions are required to provide:

  • 3 written references on formal company paper from professional bodies for example employer, university, place you volunteer.

  • Copy of passport or drivers licence

  • Proof of address - bank statement, letter from employer confirming current address is required (Garda vetting)

These are all then confirmed by Elder Home Share to ensure a safe match is made between the Homeowner and the home share Companion.


Saoirse Sheridan 

Founder and CEO

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Tel: 087 13 85 628

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